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An undertaking the scope of which can only be rivaled by the ambition: To create one page that is a resource for all things comics in the internet.

This page is always under construction. But no matter. Step right in . . .


My favorites here are the list articles, the comics previews and most of all the "x-ways" section where they bunch together related comics and do previews of them.

Comic Book Resources
Forums and columns are what attracts me to CBR. Very active, and friendly, and knowledgeable forum participants. Columnists are also great - check out Brian Hibbs in "Tilting at Windmills" for what's it like to be a comic shop owner.

Comic Vine
Comic Vine is my go-to place for videos. Video reviews and news and they also have videos if you want to get up to speed on a particular character. G-Man and Lisa are your able hosts.

Comics Worth Reading
A wealth of more than five thousand comics articles promise days of great reading.

Big Comic Page


The Comic Book Catacombs
Gal Friday's featuring gorgeous girls, Full scans of golden-age comics NOT from the Big Two, The occasional comics news. Girls, comics and news. What more can you ask for? Chuck Well's friendly and engaging writing style you say? You got that too.

Diversions of the Groovy Kind
Ever wonder what made the Bronze Age of Comics so wonderfully unique? Why it created such a huge and loyal population of fans? Wonder no more and get groovy!

Comics Reporter
Tom Spurgeon's been around so long I read Comics Reporter to find out what it's really like to be into comics. This site is great because it works like a directory leading me to other great sites.

Progressive Ruin
There's comicbook talk here but there's also a lot of other stuff all comics related. Dropping by Progressive Ruin is like talking to a friend to discuss a subject (comics) you're both very fond of.

4th Letter
Some general culture non-comics stuff here - all fun, of course. My favorite feature is the "This Week In Panels".

Comics Oughta Be Fun!
Panels are lifted from different comics as a centerpiece for some very entertaining posts.

Factual Opinion
"Comics Are Burning In Hell" podcasts.

Fantastic Fangirls
A comics-related question is thrown and the girls take turns answering. Sounds boring but isn't.

Savage Critics
I go to this site to see what Hibbs thinks. Hibbs actually owns a comics shop, so I want to know what his take on things are.

Neil Alien
Off to the left hand side is this incredible, over-the-top comics directory. The content reminds me of Comics Reporter - lots of links to other comics sites.

SpunkyBean is a pop culture site. This link will take you right to the comicbooks section. Enjoy!

Warren Peace
If you love Groo the Wanderer you're going to love Warren Peace

About Comic Books
A neat directory and link portal to all things comics

Cover Browser
Covers, covers and more covers

DC Comics Database
The DC Universe on the net

Marvel Universe Database
Make yours Marvel

Encyclopedia of comics

Cool French Comics
Very extensive and informative site

Just Marvel X-Men
A fun X-Men site


Comic Bloc
The comic is called Method of Fluxion


The biggest comic book company on Earth? Yup. Born in the sixties Marvel built itself up from under the then looming shadow of DC to become the legendary House of Ideas.

The DC Universe is the only one that can match the breadth and depth of Marvel. This is the older company though and the more dominant one up until the 70s. DC is not like Marvel even if it tries to be sometimes. The DC universe is somehow less gritty and rough - always retaining a patina of the comics of the 30s and 40s.

Getting overloaded with the house styles of the Big Two? Sample these smaller publishers

Dark Horse | Boom Studios | Dynamite Entertainment


Diamond Distributors
If any of you know of a comic distributor other than this giant please let me know. One of the best ways to get a handle on anything comics for a given month is to pick up a copy of of that thick book of dreams Previews.


John Byrne
The interview section has lots of behind-the-scenes details on the comics John has been involved in.

Ernie Chan
Features a gallery of Ernie's work including special commissions.