Posted - August 20, 2018

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Doctor Strange (2015) No. 9
Last Days of Magic Chapter 4

Doctor Strange 2015 no. 9

Okay, let's head over to Tibet where we last left Wong and Velma. As you can see they've got company.

A crowd of people in Tibet

On the left of the panel are the Secret Disciples of Strange. On the right are people from all over the world, who, in one form or another, rely on magic. With the magic gone they all felt a compulsion to head over to this part of the world where Wong can explain the situation to them.

Also in Tibet, Stephen continues his relic hunting. This time the power object is the skull of his master, the Ancient One.

A crowd of people in Tibet

Understandably, it's a reluctant acquisition for Stephen but the other sorcerers assure him that the Ancient One would have understood the need. The Ancient One's skull is grounded into some kind of magical powder - it is the last of the magical relics.

The empirator and the thing in the cellar

Back at the manse, the Lord Imperator himself encounters The Thing in the Cellar. The 'Thing' tries to explain what 'he' is.

The thing in the cellar talks

Between a magical being and another sworn to destroy all magic with science the discussion quickly turns violent.

The thing fights the Imperator

The sorcerers and their allies get ready to do yet another counterattack. There are two main components to this push. Component one involves the sorcerers using the magical relics they've amassed.

sorcerers in front of magical relics

Component two involves their allies 'paying the price' for the sorcerous work; here explained by Wong.

sorcerers in front of magical relics

Component two does not sit well with Stephen Strange and he puts a stop to it.

Doctor Strange talking

Stephen conks out Wong. But not out of anger; just so Wong doesn't interfere with what comes next. You can't have two generals in a battle after all. As for the rest, they leave - everybody except Velma. Must be something to be in New York one moment and Tibet the next.

Meanwhile, the Lord Imperator is having a delightfully hard time with The Thing in the Cellar.

Imperator vs Thing in the Cellar

The sorcerers arrive at the Sanctum and promptly engage with the Empirakul.


Inside, the Doctor joins the ongoing battle between the Lord Imperator and The Thing in the Cellar.

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