Posted - August 20, 2018

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Doctor Strange (2015) No. 8
Last Days of Magic Chapter 3

Doctor Strange 2015 no. 8

Following his decison to go after the few remaining magical relics on Earth, Doctor Strange finds himself doing an Indiana Jones.

Doctor Strange on a literal cliffhanger

Interestingly, Strange uses one magical item to help him find others.

Doctor Strange uses a magical helm

That other magical item being a bow and arrow which finds immediate use as Strange is assaulted by the Empirikul.

Doctor Strange with a magical bow and arrow

Fortunately, Earth's Sorcercer Supreme isn't alone, other sorcerers are backing him up. For example, Talisman . . .


With magic dwindling to a trickle, our sorcerers are forced to fight in a more conventional manner. The explosive-laden bike does the job of blowing up the Empirikul wolves.


Of course Talisman manages to jump to safety before the boom.

So the group of magicians Monako saved from last issue have been collecting magical relics from around the world and their entire haul can fit inside the trunk of a muscle car. We can't blame Scarlet Witch for making this suggestion.

Scarlet Witch talking

Wanda's suggestion makes sense: Call Iron Man for a science vs. science fight with the Lord Imperator and his cronies. I don't know why Stephen rejected that suggestion but you have to admire his grit, particularly since the situation is beyond desperate at this point.

Back at the Sanctum, Velma fights back.

Velma fights back

And manages to rescue one, just one book from the Library. Oh those beautiful grimoires!

Before Velma can be hurt, Wong finds her and takes her to Tibet.

Oh yes, that thing in the cellar? The Empirikul just made contact.

the thing in the cellar

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