Posted - November 26, 2017

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All-Star Squadron No. 2
The Tyrant out of Time

All-Star Squadron No. 2

Freshly minted from the White House this is the way the All-Star Squadron has chosen to travel.

crazy travel high jinks

It's ridiculous and silly and is exactly why I read golden age DC - those kind of comics just dare to be fun.

As they travel along they happen upon some local crime.

robbery under way

Plastic Man does a Mr. Fantastic.

plastic man in action

Members of the JSA get some action care of Dr. Mid-Nite's blackout bombs and the Atom's fists.

dr. mid-nite in action

Johnny Quick shows just how fast he is.

johnny quick in action

Liberty Belle caps the skirmish.

liberty belle serves a knuckle sandwich

The All-Star Squadron has been ordered to go to the west coast to reinforce it in case of a probable but unlikely Japanese attack. They don't know about the very likely Per Degaton attack. Anyway, along the way, the Squadron get some time to tell each other about themselves. Hawkman starts the ball rolling.

hawkman origin

Next, Liberty Belle.

liberty belle origin
liberty belle origin

Plastic Man. By the way, as they tell their stories they're revealing their secret identities to each other, another thing which is very golden age.

plastic man origin
plastic man origin


robotman origin

The Atom.

atom origin

This is at a time when he still didn't have his atomic powers.

Johnny Quick.

johnny quick origin

Dr. Mid-Nite.

dr. mid-nite origin
dr. mid-nite origin

It's worthwhile to note that there are two pressing problems: The missing JSA and the defense of the west coast. The Squadron has been ordered to the latter so they put the JSA situation in the backburner. I don't agree with the priorities here since one is a potential problem but the other has already occured but I guess orders are orders.

As they fly near San Francisco the Squadron becomes aware of the air attack from last issue.

zeroes on their way to san francisco

Here's an even closer look at the underwater launching of these Mitsubishi Zeroes.

underwater aircraft carrier

Here's the author of all the upcoming mayhem.

per degaton

Half a dozen years into the future isn't that far off - 1947. Per Degaton is certainly not sporting 1947 technology. The reason for that is he has travelled far into the future from his "home time" of 1947.

Back in the sub, Per Degaton is in the mood for telling stories. We get a delightful window to a story from All-Star Comics #10!

jsa fighting

The JSA rescued some brilliant scientist and Per Degaton reveals that he was the assistant to these scientists.

per degaton the assistant

The traitorous and opportunistic Degaton stole a time machine from one of the scientists and changed the past by causing Alexander the Great to lose in the battle of Arbela.

battle of arbela

This change in the past changed the future to such an extent that Per Degaton managed to be a conqueror in his own right.

per degaton with futuristic tanks

All these was foiled by the JSA, but Per Degaton was nothing if not persistent. A second attempt was made to which we are now witnesses. What follows next is a very interesting discussion of events that Per Degaton would have liked to influence, events that are protected from his tampering by a "time storm". DC's time traveling lore has its own characteristics and terminology. World building in comics is done bit by bit, or rather, issue by issue, but the end result is unique and a real asset for DC storytellers going forward (including the lucrative movie properties).


Per Degaton explains how he was able to defeat most of the Justice Society.

jsa down and out

So the current master plan is Degaton will force the U.S to deal with Japan first rather than what actually happened before were the war on Germany took precedence. According to Degaton this will force a stalemate on all fronts rather than the victory in Europe followed by a victory in the Pacific. Degaton intends to take advantage of the stalemate to bring to fruition his own plans of conquest.

Interesting, but to be frank, I think it's a bunch of hogwash. To the point: Europe was prioritized because it was white. The Pacific war came in second because the area was peopled by Asians and Polynesians. It is for the same reason that the hydrogen bomb was dropped on Japan not Germany.

All the while the Shining Knight and Danette Rielly are in fetters. But when Danette lunges for Sir Justin's sword her restraints vanish. She manages to free Sir Justin the same way. It's time for round two between the Shining Knight and Solomon Grundy.

shining knight vs. solomon grundy

What the heck is this racist bullshit! TWo dozen Japanese pilots but they have to be led by a white guy?

sky pirate

I'm sure the excuse for this is that Japanese pilots are hypnotized by Degaton so somebody who is not hypnotized has to take the lead. Lame.

As the raid on San Francisco begins, Phantom Lady joins the fray.

phantom lady

The attacking Zeroes come across the bomber transporting the All-Star Squadron.

fighters encountering a bomber

The heroes quickly divide into ground and air forces.

squadron deploys

Once again, thieves take advantage of the mayhem but the All-Star Squadron and Phantom Girl stop them.


In the skies above, Robotman tries to interrogate Sky Pirate.

robotman and sky pirate

Hawkman and Johnny Quick take care of the other planes.

hawkman and johnny quick defending

The panel below shows Hawkman giving the flightless Robotman an assist but what I like about it is it gives us an idea of just how heavy Robotman is. He's like a walking tank.

hawkman lifting robotman

Per Degaton was hoping that with his capture of most of the Justice Society no more metahumans would be able to come in and foil his plans. The All-Star Squadron convinces him otherwise.

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