Posted - November 1, 2015

Avengers 34: Kang You Help Me?
2012 series

Avengers 34

Heard of the Three Kings? How about the Three Kangs?

Iron Lad, Kang, and Immmortus

Immortus and the hot-headed Kang are familiar figures from Avengers Forever, and a lot of other Avengers and Marvel books, of course. Iron Lad, also a Kang, has been less visible. But here they all are, fittingly for time masters, at the end of time. In this story the 'three Kangs' get to weigh in on the incursion.

Immortus and Kang express their opinion
				about dealing with the incursions

As you can see, they hold the opposite position to Captain America - the survival of all outweighs the moral considerations of an individual.

I can't help but notice that they are making this appeal to Captain America and no one else. Reed Richards isn't here, nor are the rest of the Illuminati. Why not make an appeal to the Cabal? How about to Bobby da Costa - Sunspot figures largely in the efforts to stem incursion, surely the Kangs know this what with their ability to 'see' across time. Why the appeal to the lone and time-lost Captain America? If they wanted the Captain not to interfere with those willing to destroy worlds they could have just left him bouncing around in time, safely out of the way, while the others handle the incursion problem.

The logical answer is that Captain America is important and the Kangs know it. Caps opinion matters, getting him to change his mind on the issue of what to do about the incursion is important. Kang most of all, Kang, not Immortus, not Iron Lad, Kang, is one haughty customer - this guy will definitely not waste his time with nobodies. So Cap must be important- who better to judge his worth than the masters of time with their unmatched perspective on things.

This little tete-a-tete at the end of time is entertaining but what I like best about it is the insight it gives us on one Steve Rogers. I've always sided with the Captain. Like him, I'm very selfish - I won't betray myself to save the world. We find Steve Rogers at his most eloquent about the matter here.

Captain America defines why he is 
				the way he is part the first
Captain America defines why he is 
				the way he is part the second
Captain America defines why he is 
				the way he is part the third

Well said, Captain. Well said. And I agree. Survival at any cost, certainly, survival at the cost of one's humanity, is an uncacceptable state of living death. I'm by your side Captain. I was on your side during Civil War and here I am again. We're going to lose as usual Captain but that's what we are - we're suckers for a sinking ship.

Did I say the Kangs were masters of time? Yes they are. For who else could return to Captain America the lost Time Gem?

The Kangs restore the time gem to Captain America

Only the masters of time could do such a thing. There is also the detail of the Time Gem being in a shattered state. Didn't know that. Back in New Avengers 3 it was only mentioned as 'Lost' but it appears to be shattered as well, just like the other Infinity Gems.

The Time Gem is held hostage by the Kangs, doing so effectively traps Captain America.

So what is the end of this impasse? Why it's resolved in the Merry Marvel Manner of course - Captain America throws his shield.

Captain America's shield ricochets around the 

Here he is taking the shards and reassembling the Gem a short while before time travelling back to the present.

Captain America and the Time Gem

By the way, this 'world at the end of time' has an epic location shot.

Captain America and Iron Lad at the 
				end of time

What follows next is funny because, I find myself with an amusing case of deja vu.

Captain America assembles a team to go up against the other Illuminati

Tell me that's not Captain America planning to reform his side of Civil War.? And I thought that the mindwipe done by Dr. Strange put an end to this kind of shenanigan. Obviously not. Here we go again. I was wrong in my assessment in Secret Wars Prelude. This is looking like Civil War on top of Secret Wars. Oh what the heck. Let the chaos begin!