Posted - August 21, 2018

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Ultimate X-Men No. 21
Hellfire and Brimstone Part 1

Ultimate X-Men no. 21

Nothing crazy here just a beautiful picture of some great-looking girls. Kitty is the one on the right.

Just us girls

And here is the traumatic moment when Kitty Pryde discovered her power.

Kitty Pryde phasing

Thank God her Mom new exactly what to do.

Professor X's letter

As stated the X-Men promptly pick her up.

The Mansion is shown to be protected by a hologram.

X-Mansion hologram

It looks like a hologram of a house on top of a house. What use is that? I would go for a hologram of a contagious disease facility with lots of warning signs.

As part of the tour, Kitty learns that it's not all book learning and schoolwork at the Manse.

Kitty and Jean

Popping into Hank's room we learn that Bobby is doing very badly from that run-in with David, Bobby's parent's are suing the Professor for millions and - surprise, surprise - the world is getting really paranoid about mutants.

Hank's room

The X-Men live a posh lifestyle and they do significant property damage to themselves on a regular basis. We are given an insight about who's paying the tab.

Jean and Kitty talking

Kitty's Mom has a very reasonable request.

The Professor and Mrs. Pryde

Interestingly, the Professor does not directly say 'yes' to this request. I love this school.

And just like that Kitty is in. It would have been an uneventful day for the X-Men except for:

Jean has an episode.

Jean just had a Phoenix Force episode.

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