Posted - August 21, 2018

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Amazing Spider-Man No. 799
Go Down Swinging Part 3

Amazing Spider-Man no. 799

You've only been beaten if you don't get up again. Peter Parker may be in the sorry state you see him below but he is figuratively up and ready for the next round.

Peter Parker injured

A critical part of why the Red Goblin (Norman Osborn + Carnage) has Peter in such a sad position is because somebody leaked Peter's identity to Osborn. I admire J. Jonah Jameson for being big enough to fess up.

Jonah talking to Peter

It's always hard to confess to a mistake when you know doing so is going to mean some hurt coming your way.

Red Goblin is after members of his own family. Meaning the Osborns - Harry, Liz, Normie, and Stanley. Liz is rich enough to have bodyguards but that's no protection against the Red Goblin.

Red Goblin takes out the Osborn bodyguards

Pete's team has been tracking Liz and company in expectation of this attack so both the Human Torch and Clash are on hand to assault the Red Goblin. The pair make an impressive display.

The Human Torch and Clash attack the Red Goblin

Surprisingly, the attack doesn't do much damage. A symbiote's classic weakness is fire so the Torch is rightly wondering why his flame has not been effective. The Goblin informs him that the Goblin serum has negated the symbiote weakness. The counterattack on Johnny and Clash looks really painful.

The Human Torch and Clash hit by spikes

Next up from the Spider team is Spider-Man (Miles) and Silk. Peter warns them to back off; tells them that they are not ready for this. They go in anyway. Unfortunately, Peter is right.

Spider-Man and Silk go down

At this point, Peter starts getting into costume in spite of his leg injury (and general state of being beaten up).

Maybe the most experienced member of the team barring Spider-Man himself is Anti-Venom. And Flash does do some damage.

Anti-Venom vs Red Goblin

After his initial attack Flash must make the decision to press the attack or use his healing abilities on his fellows. He decides to heal both Miles and Clash, and, while doing so, the Red Goblin takes the opportunity to attack him.

Anti-Venom is down

The Red Goblin moves on to pursue the Osborns.

Peter arrives and onlookers comment that there is somewthing wrong with Spider-Man's leg. Peter is hopping around on one leg.

Flash makes a decision to use his remaining strength to heal Peter's leg.

Anti-Venom heals Spider-Man

"I'm taking our best player off the bench and putting him back in the game", I love that.

In the meantime, Norman has somehow morphed Normie, his grandson, into a miniature Red Goblin.

Two Red Goblins

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