Posted - October 26, 2015

Infinite Crisis: Worlds Will Live. Worlds Will Die

Infinite Crisis

The previous article discussed the main plot of Infinite Crisis. This article is about the changes that happened during the Infinite Crisis event. These changes will have an effect in all future DC stories but, since we're talking comicbooks here, nothing is permanent - not even death. And that's a good thing. Nonetheless let's enjoy - or condemn - these changes for what they are in the moment. Let the retcons take care of themselves.

By the way, "Worlds will live, World will die" is a phrase most closely associated with Crisis on Infinite Earths. I've used it intentionally because this is a work inspired by that event. Somewhere in Infinite Crisis the following quote: "And eternal gratitude to Marv Wolfman and George Perez for building the foundation that all super-hero epics have come from". That is to say all DC super-hero epics

First of all we have a grittier, darker . . how do I put it? . . . more Wolverine . . Wonder Woman. Here she is breaking what's-his-name's neck.

Wonder Woman breaks Maxwell Lord's neck

And justifying her new style.

Closeup of Wonder Woman

Just as I was enjoying this welcome change, Infinite Crisis backs off a bit by saying that Wonder Woman was influenced by Psycho Pirate and that was why she killed Lord Maxwell (ya, that's his name). What? Psy-who? I didn't hear that. You didn't hear that either? Oh well . . .

Okay, can't quite shut-up about it. I just want to say that superheroes based on Greek Mythology such as the Amazons should have absolutely NO problems in ripping anybody's guts out. That's just how they rolled in Greek Mythology, read some and see, number one, and number two, we don't have the Comics Code Authority anymore so let's act like it.

The next change: The destruction of the Freedom Fighters and the death of many of its members.

To date, I have a total of exactly one Freedom Fighter comic, that one from the seventies, but I've read the Fighters on many occasions in other books - most notably the All-Star Squadron.

The Freedom Fighters in a dark street

First of all, drawing the Freedom Fighters without Phantom Girl in front is a minor crime. Let's see . . . Uncle Sam has super-strength and indestructibility, Phantom Girl can become intangible, the Condor can fly, the Human Bomb is exactly that, the Ray has light and heat powers. This is a pretty powerful team, what on earth can take them on and destroy them? Answer:

The Secret Society of Super-Villains

No less than the most numerous gathering of baddies in the DC Universe: The Secret Society of Super-Villains. They would sound so corny if they weren't so dangerous.

I'm most torn apart by the death of Phantom Girl. I won't even show that panel. She's impaled on Deathstroke's sword.

The most brutal death in all of Infinite Crisis has got to be the Human Bomb's. Witness:

Death of Human Bomb part the first
Death of Human Bomb part the second

Somebody kick Bizarro's ass! I hate him! I want the Hulk to come in right NOW!

Well, there it is: the death of the Freedom Fighters. Condor is definitely dead. Uncle Sam may have survived and so might the Human Bomb's sidekick (don't know his name). The Ray is spared because he's needed for Alexander Luthor's tool.

On the super-villain side they most likely have casualties also because of the Human Bomb's ultimate blast attempt. Doctor Polaris is definitely dead.

Then we have the retreat of the Amazon's from man's world and the disappearance of Themyscira, the fabled Paradise Island.

The retreat of Themyscira part the first
The retreat of Themyscira part the second

From here on, only two Amazon's remain - Wonder Woman and Donna Troy (okay, one true Amazon, since Donna is human). Not too sad about this one. Somehow no creative team has really gotten the Amazon's and their magical island right. This is one part of the DC Universe that is waiting for the right creative team.

A minor change is that Black Adam, one of the high profile leaders of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, will henceforth no longer be part of that group because they would betray him like so:

Black Adam betrayed by Luthor

Black Adam is a major powerhouse and a big loss to the Society. Specially because his betrayal is due to Alexander Luthor, in disguise as Lex Luthor in the panel above.

Here's a happy change.

Superboy Prime destroys Luthor's battle armor

The dismantling of the dorky Luthor Battle Armor by Superboy Prime. Now that it's gone I kinda miss it.

This next one is questionable because I hope its not true: The death of Chemo. Here he is prior to being dropped by the Brotherhood of Evil into Bludhaven.

Chemo being prepared for dropping from a plane

Oh yeah, on a related note, the destruction of the city of Bludhaven.

Chemo explodes on Bludhaven


This is a big one for me, and I hope for you too. Batman gets to ask Nightwing about how he, Nightwing, felt about the years when he was Robin.

Nightwing gives the Robin years a thumbs up

Yeesss! For Batman to get confirmation on that - that's big.

Then we have Wally West and his family disappearing to god-knows-where.

Wally West and family disappears

Again, on a related note. The disappearance of the Speed Force.

The Speed Force is gone


The death of Airwave.

The death of Airwave

Okay. He was never a big star. Not even a minor one really but I'm including him because I have many issues of Action Comics when Airwave was featured on the 8-page tack-on after the Superman story. So here's to you Airwave! Sing with me "video killed the radio star . ."

Hey how's this for a change? Blue Devil praying in a Church.

Blue Devil praying in a Catholic Church

Steaming all the way. Hahahaha.

And now, the new Blue Beetle.

The new Blue Beetle

An upside down debut, no less. Welcome Jaime, you've got some big shoes to fill. I'm a big fan of Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle and the last one to wear the mantle. Jaime is actually Blue Beetle III. Not only did I read Ted Kord when he was a DC character I also read some Charlston comics Blue Beetle drawn by the immortal Steve Ditko.

A fond goodbye to the original Wonder Woman, also named Diana Prince.

The original Wonder Woman

I've never been a big fan Ma'am but you've always been one of DC's majors. Goodbye. That said, couldn't the creative team have given this "mature" Wonder Woman a different, less revealing, suit? I mean c'mon.

The death of Star Sapphire

The death of Star Sapphire

Hero or villain it's always a sad thing when a sexy character dies. First Phantom Girl now this. It's official, there is something wrong with the DC Universe. Why are you killing all the babes?!

The totally gross out death of the Psycho Pirate.

The death of Psycho Pirate

Do NOT mess with Black Adam. Seriously, this is a big problem for future writers. Pyscho Pirate is the DC version of Marvel's Psycho Man. Emotional manipulators are a boon for writers since they can suddenly twist the story around. Psycho Pirate has been front and center, storytelling-wise since the days when the JSA had regular meet-ups with the JLA. No more Psycho Pirate, whatever are they to do now?

The death of Conner Kent: Superboy.

The death of Conner Kent

Conner Kent was the most human of all the "Supermen" and a gigantic loss to the Titans.

For those of you who've read the old stories: the death of Amazo.

The death of Amazo

Once again, don't mess with Black Adam. Seeing as Amazo's a construct, this "death" could very well be a short downtime. I bet you that Amazo has automatic repair capabillty.

At some point in Infinite Crisis, Superboy Prime goes up against the Green Lantern Corps, and, unsurprisingly, the kid doesn't pull any punches.

Green Lantern Corps casualties

I think the total Corps casualty count is something like thirty Green Lanterns. This ensures that their run in with Superboy Prime is remembered as a dark, dangerous day, even by the powerful Lanterns.

And now for the most significant death of all. Goodbye Superman.

The death of the original Superman

Goodbye to the 1940's icon who started it all. DC. Marvel. Image. All of it. Goodbye.

After reading Day of Vengeance and then seeing the Spectre continue his rampage in Infinite Crisis I've been wanting him to get his ass kicked. Unsurprisingly, not gonna happen for DC's most powerful character bar none. This panel is still sweet though. Have to show it.

The Spectre repentant

Yeah! Beg you a-hole. Beg. If you're wondering why I'm so angry, check out Day of Vengeance. Henceforth the new host of the Spectre is Crispus Allen, late officer from GCPD Homicide.

Here'a another big change. With the absence of the Speed Force, Jay Garrick becomes the one and only Flash.

Jay Garrick the only remaining Flash

Speed of sound huh? It's time for the Flash vs. Quicksilver.

After all is said and done, no big, ground breaking changes for the DC Universe. My impression is the event tweaked the current universe a bit, giving it wonderful launching points for future tales.

In the next article I'll take you on a visual tour of Infinite Crisis.